Nikolai Kleist Burkal is a self-taught artist, currently residing in Manila, Philippines. He works with both painting and photography and his art is driven by a curiosity to make meaning out of forms, either by breaking them down or simplifying them. Nikolai often uses watercolour and ink in his artworks as they possess qualities of permanence, forcing him to be decisive during production.

Nikolai comes from an artistic home growing up in Greenland, and was early on exposed to artists’ studios and exhibitions in Greenland and Denmark. He has a background in music and composition, having gone to two music schools during his years living in Denmark. He later went to study Economics and Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark, and finished his MBA in Art & Cultural Management at Paris School of Business/Institut d’Études Supérieures des Arts in 2015.

He moved to the Philippines in 2015. He has performed at the alternative venue, Sa Guijo (2015) and exhibited at Pineapple Lab gallery (2016), both located in Manila.

Nikolai Kleist Burkal was born in Denmark in 1986.

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